Oats should be well ground in a mixer.  Combine the maida or gram flour with the prepared oat powder in a large basin.

Diet for losing weight: Eat oats to stay healthy

In such situations, oats are a popular food. If you want to try something different bynclude oats in your diet, make this special uttapam.

Healthy breakfast: You'll have energy all day long if you eat a healthy breakfast in the morning. To keep their weight in check, people like to eat this diet for breakfast.

Add a few drops of oil to the edges. Gently turn it over now so that the golden color is on both sides. Enjoy a distinctive oat uttapam with your favorite chutney.

Keep your vegetables on a plate. In a pan, oil has been warmed. Put some batter in a hot pan to complete a bowl. Layer on some finely chopped veggies.

you'll have energy all day. People like to consume such a diet for breakfast in order to maintain a healthy weight